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With the Lookup Table variable, you can collect all your GA hits in Debug mode to a separate, test property. For example, you might want to use it in a Lookup Table or a RegEx Table, returning undefined when you want to ignore the value of the table in some cases such as if you want to drop a Custom Dimension from a hit. Thus, the idea is very similar to the broader concept of computing variables explored in the previous paragraph. There are a number of useful variable types for you to choose from, and you can use the Custom JavaScript variable to create custom variables of your own. The Custom JavaScript variable is surely the most versatile variable in the set. If the variable is not attached to a trigger or a tag, the variable is never resolved unless, of course, the variable is referenced from some other variable that is resolved.

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Square notation won't work, so replace the square notation with dots: products[0].

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Variable Guide For Google Tag Manager

For example, to get the value stored in the ID attribute of the auto-event element's parent, you'd create a Data Layer variable which points to gtm. Honestly, I can't figure out what this variable is for. You might want to re-read the previous paragraphs to grasp the idea, but this has very severe repercussions on how variables should and should not be used :.

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