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I can move easily and sure they are short but this allows me to stay cool. Is the short spandex shorts a requirement in most schools? Yes, that is right, your username does not pass muster. You can tell me it's all about function all you want. Volleyball players often dive, do a shoulder roll and are back up and ready to play in a matter of seconds. There can always be an outer layer. Do you wish the uniform would change?

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hot volleyball girls in spandex

I love the female body, it completes me.

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Ryan. Age: 26.
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Why Are Volleyball Shorts so Short and Tight?

She loves to play this game and to her it would not matter what the short was, she will still play her game. Well, obviously because of a long history of insecure misogynists like you. Women may have LESS to worry about when wearing spandex, while men would actually have more to worry about.

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