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Best Overall Fighting Game []. Batman and Lex Luthor , an Insurgent mole inside the Regime, explain that a nanotech pill derived from Kryptonian DNA can make regular humans thousands of times stronger and more resilient, as well as their plan to use a kryptonite -based weapon stored in the Batcave against Superman. In an alternate universe, Joker tricks Superman into killing his pregnant wife Lois Lane , which detonates a nuclear weapon that destroys Metropolis and kills millions. Wonder Woman franchise media. The heroes are able to enter the Batcave and retrieve the kryptonite weapon, but they are attacked by Black Adam and Regime Wonder Woman.

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Lilith. Age: 30.
rule 34 injustice

Fighting Game of the Year [].

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Aisha. Age: 23.
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[Justice and injustice in AIDS: problems in HIV-testing and physician's duty to secrecy].

Justice League franchise media. Injustice: Gods Among Us Injustice 2 A sequel, titled Injustice 2 , was released in May

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