Transgender lactation diaries

Transgender people may or may not wish to modify their bodies to varying degrees by taking hormones or having surgery. Complete removal of the mammary tissue would result in a sunken chest shape. Binding during the immediate postpartum period will increase the risk of blocked ducts and mastitis and may damage the milk supply. Photo used with permission. The term for such people is cisgender.

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Transgender parents and chest/breastfeeding


It is licensed to treat nausea in the UK. A year-old transgender woman has been able to breastfeed her child, the first ever case of induced lactation in a transgender woman to be documented in academic literature. A reclining position may unfortunately cause the chest tissue to become even more taut and difficult to latch to. In our research article , my study group reported the first documented instance of a trans individual taking testosterone during the lactation period. Trevor MacDonald is a transgender man from Manitoba who birthed both his children at home and nurses them.

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Domperidone is also suggested in the protocol. Trans parents may already feel isolated, especially if they do not know other LGBT families. The term for such people is cisgender. Feelings of gender dysphoria may be triggered or exacerbated when a trans individual is misgendered by others, including health care providers and lactation helpers. Although rare, some trans men have been known to become pregnant accidentally while taking testosterone. This is different from a mastectomy a cancer treatment , or a breast reduction, which is performed to make a smaller but still female chest.

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