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I know it seems fairly harmless, but having been in your friend's position a time or two, I can tell you: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I had always thought he was joking as well until recently when he told me he actually wants me when we were drinking. Gay guys are going to get straight crushes, especially an 18 year old, that is pretty much par for the course. He straight up told you he wants your dick. I see it all of the time and nothing bad happens.

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When you flirt with your straight friends, it can be a joke because neither of you is actually interested. In the Cheetahs back room, my dancer sat me on a velvet couch. I'll try and stop flirting so much and hope it doesn't change anything. Apparently he's mentioned it to her but not in depth. Just continue being a good friend.

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I ask because for some young gay guys, they find themselves in this scenario when they haven't spent much time around other gay guys. I do that with straight guys, and also with girls minus the groping , assuming they're cool with it. You seem like a nice guy and I don't think you deserve so much criticism. Daniel could see why people would see him as a performance artist—ultimately, it was a means to an end. It's really important that you now have a chat with him and make boundaries. He initiated the flirting but like I said, it always seems like he's joking.

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