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Alaska What is the term for the former official government policy of racial segregation in South Africa? Hard copy Which Caribbean novelist wrote "Children of Kaywana"? Xi Jinping From which country did French horns originate? Horse Racing The prefix mega represents 10 raised to which power? Limbic system Which river flows over the Victoria Falls?

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King of Hearts Which organization whose name is Arabic for "the base" was founded in in Pakistan? Sunburnt Who painted the "The Potato Eaters"? Zinedine Zidane Who is the prime minister of Spain? The Crucible Which German painter painted the ubu imperator? Wimbledon What term in politics refers to the existing holder of a political office?

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Denbigh Which organization stages an annual agricultural show in Clarendon over the emancipation weekend? London Podophobia is the irrational fear of which part of the body? Lucia Which Dancehall artiste did the single Pop the Bottle? Elio di Rupo What was the title of the debut album of Mariah Carey? Lucy Montgomery In a pack of cards, the king of clubs is a representation of which ancient king? The Gambia On which lake is Bujumbura the capital of Burundi located? Courtney Walsh What is the SI unit of volume?

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