Biggest vagina photos

biggest vagina photos
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Curtains in that the labia minora are considered "exposed" but also "contained. You guys, how crazy are vaginas? As in, it just hangs out the bottom of their vaginas? You wouldn't hate your house if it had ugly curtains. Barbie, but the distinction is in how close the lips hang to the pubic bone. With this one, there will be no extension of the labia minora past the labia majora, and the general shape is that of an actual horseshoe.

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And obviously, starting and continuing to have conversations like this are part of laying the ground work.

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Large Vagina Stock Images

Before we jump into the images and descriptions below, one important thing to understand is that society tends to refer to the entire female pubic area as the "vagina," when really, the vagina only describes the actual hole, anatomically speaking. Of course, the sooner we can normalize women's health and bodies for men AND women, the better. Horseshoe, the opening of the vagina spreads wider at the top, exposing the labia minora, but it touches and closes off toward the bottom.

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