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Within her head, images of herself came to her, where she saw kneeling before her ideal Master, wearing nothing but a collar around her neck to show that she was someone's property. These slave trades happen on such occasion nowadays, so my handlers kept me around for a long time. It may be hard, but I can get him to come around. But seeing Pallet Town and Ash's residence in the distance, Serena smiled. I just Re-Trained them was all. Sensing that there was trouble to be had, Karin and her assistant cut their losses, grabbing Angelina and running off into the darkness. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm gonna miss you when you're gone.

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And even through her haze, having yet being assigned a Master, the man of her fantasies filled with the image of Ash Ketchum, where she wanted to be his slave, his property, his loving sex servant forever.

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As the three girls moaned in pleasure, Sylveon desired more, where she removed her feeler-like appendages from her folds, positioned her dripping entrance above Serena's face and looked down at Serena with desiring eyes. After the last of her strength left her, Serena passed out fully. Grabbing her partner by her ass cheeks, Serena pulled her inward, plunging her tongue into the Fairy Eeveelution's crotch and licked at her pussy, which made Sylveon moan in delight, emitting cry after cry of her name and sections of it, encouraging Serena to continue in her erotic actions. To be quite frank, you lasted a little longer than most of the slaves I train.

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