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The world would probably be better off without me anyways". The friendliness pellets then began making their way through the air towards your soul, so you did as you were told and began floating your soul towards the glowing orbs. Floating there in front of you was a small, red heart. They're a little annoying at first, but you'll get used to them over time". The sound of hopping continued to grow closer and closer until you heard whatever was making the noise stop just in front of Toriel. After she winked, several little white orbs appeared from behind the flower woman's back and began to spin in the air behind her. You tried to call for help, but found your entire body paralyzed by Flowey's traitorous attack.

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Zelda. Age: 26.
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It wasn't until you woke up again that you realized that you had blacked out.

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Caroline. Age: 21.
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She then proceeded into the next room, which was slightly larger and better lit. Soon, she was practically crying her eyes out and ran out of the room, bawling. You could feel every cold, slippery fold with every movement of her head. You tried to focus on something else to avoid becoming erect, but there was nothing you could do; the inside of her mouth felt too good.

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