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To summarize, Imperial Japan uses the power of a magical meteor to turn young woman into gigantic, nighmarish organic war machines. Superboy actually was on the receiving end of a Silver Age Gender Bender once among other transformations. Fruits Basket is the current reigning Animorphism champion. DreamTales comics feature growing and shrinking as well as age regression and age progression themes. Shifters is a Webcomic heavily involved with Werecreatures.

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Kaiya. Age: 28.
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Becoming Hero : Webcomic that illustrates the shapeshift trope in its first issue, in which Pink uses her two identities, Jun and July, to betray her friends.

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Emilie. Age: 23.
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Transformation Comic

So many of them have been based on a "Freaky Friday" Flip caused by two characters either banging heads or falling down the stairs together that these two plot devices have become recognizable and lampshaded manga tropes in their own right. Out-of-Placers : an exiled refugee from a defeated country is pushed further out of place when he is transformed into a Yinglet, a small weird creature like a cross between a rodent and a shorebird. Crossworlds began as a side story to Accidental Centaurs and is tied to The Wotch through it. You need to login to do this.

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