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Here's something else I saw: a Bronie. I've been going to festivals since In case you missed the memo: I went to Coachella this year. Like duh, of course they did! Sometimes it gets cold in the desert you know?

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I'm not even sure my posterior's ever told me it's hungry, but evidently a lot of women out there have an excellent through-line of communication with their rumps because they are feeding their asses at every opportunity.

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FRESH! Beyonce Shows Off Her Under-butt (Photos)

Or has the hypothalamus relocated to everyone's rear end and the only way to stay cool in degree heat is to let your ass flaps catch some breeze? Is that supposed to be tantalizing? Underbutt is seared into the back of my eyelids. I was running around like a deviant ninja, stealthily placing my camera at waist level and click, click, clicking.

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