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His hair was colored snow-white and his eyes were emerald and glowing. He was currently using his invisibility power to keep out of sight. There he found his mother and father at the lab table, busily working on yet another Fenton ghost-hunting gadget. After seeing her alone in the cemetery, he saw his chance to make her his. He was currently standing near his office window and looking down at the front gate of the campus. He waved to the driver and thanked him for the ride as he got off the bus. His home was a small building with sign Fenton Works on the roof, along with a crazy-looking structure, complete with antennas, radar dishes, and several other gadgets.

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Faye. Age: 29.
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Danny smiled as he rocketed upward with his unwilling passenger.

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Rachel. Age: 22.
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Therefore, in addition to learning how to survive in the human world, each of you will also need to keep others from seeing your real form. For some time, he had been thinking about what he had said to Moka, and regretted on how badly he had treated her. His face became contorted and grotesque as he revealed his true self… as a disgusting ogre-like creature with clawed limbs.

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