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Many people have assumed that the process of mating alone would be impossible, but I assume that copulation could be achieved. This is the NCF and Unrealistic part. Plus, even a civilian Sangheili, those without the -ee honorific, can overpower several Marines. The Flood are, actually, far more superior in all aspects. As for why a Sangheili would find a human desirable, anyone who has spent time on an uncensored fiction site knows that there's a lot of humans out there with some pretty strange fetishes - why not Sangheili? Due to 'hybrids' being such a staple of science fiction, I'm none flussed about it.

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Unrealism however, is more suitable for the Human-Elite Hybrid article.

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It would be like trying to breed with a komodo dragon. Both covenant and UNSC would ensure that all experiments were either kept cryogenically or terminated at pre-birth stages. As for the Human-Elite Hybrid, it would probably not happen.

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