How old is rouge the bat

how old is rouge the bat
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Rouge has also demonstrated a strong connection with Shadow, transcending their status as teammates; she is deeply concerned for his welfare. Now known as Rouge Woman , the Bat was deployed alongside an army of Robot Masters created by the doctors to act as the first line of defense for the Wily Egg, which descended to engage Sonic, Mega Man , and their force of allies in the Skull Egg Zone below. However, utilizing an Air Necklace , Rouge kept her lungs clear while the members of Spider Troupe used rebreathers built into their helmets. Rouge the Bat is a Mobian Bat who is both a part-time government agent and occasional jewel thief. Their shuttle landed at Launch Base , and deployed a tele-pod robot that allowed Snively two-way communication with them.

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Miriam. Age: 26.
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There they met Knuckles' allies Relic the Pika and Fixit , and Rouge briefly accused-albeit teasingly-Knuckles of being in a relationship with the former.

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Mallory. Age: 22.
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Rouge the Bat

Fortunately Shadow, who had been somewhat divided over his connections to the Black Arms , rebelled and fought against Black Doom , eventually transforming into Super Shadow in order to fight against Devil Doom. However, Eclipse soon made his presence known, and it was decided that Rouge and Omega would seek him out with Knuckles while Shadow remained behind to guard the Master Emerald. During the erased events of the timeline where they engaged Mephiles , she swore to always stand by him.

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