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The banks seem to be the weak link; they'll disconnect from other payment gateways that do allow such content, etc. TazeTSchnitzel 3 months ago Maybe they're also using the Accept: header, which would reveal whether the browser is loading a page or an embedded image? East Asian countries, being based on a different cultural and religious framework altogether, likely don't consider most forms of human sexuality to be taboo. Thinking about if this effects my usage of Imgur? I once posted some random photo on Imgur to share with a larger group of friends, and I guess I left the display option set to the default of public. Now you're forced to login to view the picture.

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It's hard to separate the two at that point.

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It's not clear to me how important porn is to reddit; it's possible reddit could ban porn without upsetting most of their users. We're heading into a much bigger issue of call-out culture. That's extremely dramatic to say. Quite possibly another Tumblr moment for Imgur.

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